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Anacortes City News

Volunteers Needed September 27-29 2016 Bike & Pedestrian Counts This is an annual bike/ped count and there are several count locations in Anacortes.  Volunteers are needed for two hour
shifts.  It is important to us as it gives real data over time and helps
us in our constant search for funding for bicycle and pedestrian safety and mobility project in Anacortes. Click here for additional information

PRESS RELEASE  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - UPDATE Little Cranberry Lake Fire - 4:30 PM August 26, 2016 - Update on the Anacortes Forestlands fire at Little Cranberry Lake. DNR and Mount Erie fire staff are working to create a control perimeter around the fire. Work will continue until dark and then a night shift will watch the fire through the night. Anacortes Fire Department staff will also be onsite. 

DNR is pleased with the work being accomplished today to begin the containment process. Cooler weather is forecast for tomorrow which will help firefighters. Wind conditions are favorable and two additional crews will be joining the firefight tomorrow. Due to the size of the fire, it will take multiple days to fully contain the fire.   

An investigation is underway in to the source of the fire. Any pertinent information should be shared with the Anacortes Police Department. For timely updates, see Anacortes Fire Department Facebook page or follow us on Twitter at #littlecranberryfire.




Anacortes Wants To Be Recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Community - Complete Survey Below

Anacortes has applied to be recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Community.  This round we are trying a new local review process. Your community can distribute this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/AnacortesBFC to the public so that members of the public can give feedback without signing up to be local reviewers. The survey will close on September 15th at Midnight Pacific Time.

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