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Anacortes City News

Press Release - 2017 Governor's Smart Communities Award Winners Announced

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Anacortes Building, Planning, Economic Development Department - 2017 Governor's Smart Communities Award Winners Announced

May 26, 2017, Anacortes WA Governor Jay Inslee announced winners of the 2017 Smart Communities Awards for innovative growth planning. City of Anacortes received the Smart Vision Award for Comprehensive planning for including over 1,000 community members to create an exceedingly thorough and well thought out 2016 Comprehensive Plan.


2018 Tourism Promotion Funds Availability The City of Anacortes is soliciting proposals for tourism promotion grants to fund projects to encourage tourism within Anacortes for calendar year 2018. Information and applications are available at http://www.cityofanacortes.org/LodgeTax.phpApplications are due to the City of Anacortes Planning, Community & Economic Development Department by MONDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2017.  If you have questions or need an application mailed to you, please contact Joann Stewart at 360-293-1907.
Press Release - Former Mayor Dr. Eugene Alton "Bud" Strom

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Former Mayor Dr. Eugene Alton “Bud” Strom
May 22, 2017, ANACORTES WA – On May 18, 2017 Former Mayor Dr. Eugene Alton “Bud” Strom passed away.

Dr. Strom was a dedicated public servant who grew up in Anacortes, attended the University of Washington School of Dentistry, and then returned to Anacortes where he gave tirelessly of his time to support the community.  In addition to managing his dental practice from 1951-1989, Dr. Strom served as a Planning Commission member from 1954-1957; City Councilmember from 1957-1966, Port of Anacortes Commissioner 1969-1984 and Island Hospital Board Commissioner 1986-1992.  Dr. Strom served as Mayor of Anacortes from 1961-1962.


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