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Anacortes Police - Reporting an Accident


If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, or collision, you should dial 911 to report the incident if anyone appears to be injured or if vehicles are blocking the roadway.

For collisions in which nobody appears to be injured or no vehicles are blocking the roadway, please call the Skagit County Dispatch Center non-emergency line at (360) 428-3211 to report the incident.

If the collision involved a hit and run vehicle, the Officer will complete a report. Additionally, if the collision occurred on a public street and involved at least $1000 in apparent damage to one's property or involved an apparent injury or a pedestrian, the Officer will complete a report.

If the collision occurred on private property, or the damage to one's property does not appear to exceed $700, the Officer may not complete a report. Such collisions may be determined to be non-reportable. You may still contact the Police at the non-emergency line to have an Officer respond to facilitate the exchange of information between the involved parties.

If you are involved in a non-reportable collision and wish for an accident report, you may complete a Civilian Collision Report. Please click here for access to that report.

If you were involved in a collision that is "cold," that is, it happened in the past, the involved parties are no longer present, and the vehicles have been moved, an Officer will not complete a report unless the collision involved a hit and run vehicle. Please instead click here to complete a Citizen's Accident Report.

For more information as to how to obtain a copy of ANY completed collision report via mail or the Internet, please click here. Alternatively, collision reports completed by Anacortes Police Officers are available at our Records Division; however, additional paperwork may be required and reports may not be available immediately.

For more information regarding collisions, you may wish to view the Department of Licensing page by clicking here.