Order Anacortes Fiber Internet Service




100Mbps with Managed WiFi Router-----$49/month


1Gbps with Managed WiFi Router---------$79/month

One Time Installation Fee--------------------$100



100Mbps with Managed WiFi Router-----$99/month


1Gbps with Managed WiFi Router---------$159/month

One Time Installation Fee--------------------$100

Call for Additional Enterprise Services Such as:

Static IP addresses

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) Services

Point-to-Point Ethernet Services

Dark Fiber

Contact Us With Questions

Email: broadband@cityofanacortes.org

Phone: (360) 588-8361

Visit: Anacortes City Hall - 904 6th St. Anacortes, WA  98221

What to Expect Once You’ve Ordered Service

Here’s what you can expect after placing an order:

1) If you are in a neighborhood that is currently scheduling installations, we will give you a call or send you an email in the next 2-3 business days to confirm your order. If you are in a neighborhood that is not currently being serviced, we will send you an email confirming your order and will contact you as soon as we have further information about service in your area.

2) Once we have live fiber available we will call you to set up an appointment date that works best for you.

3) Our Installers will show up and complete all Exterior work as well as Interior work. When we leave our goal is that you will have working fiber. 

4) We will follow up by phone or email to check up on your new service about 1-2 business days after install.

5) Based on when the billing cycle ends and your install date you will receive your first bill about 30 days after install. This bill will come on your Utility Billing from the City of Anacortes. If you do not have a Utility billing currently we will create one for you.

Thank you again for choosing Access - Anacortes Fiber Internet!