Open Internet Disclosure Statement

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that we provide you with the following information regarding the Access Anacortes Fiber Internet's (AAFI) broadband Internet access services, including information regarding any network management practices that AAFI employs, the performance characteristics of our services, and the commercial terms of our service offerings. The disclosure is intended to provide current and prospective subscribers and providers with sufficient information to make informed choices regarding the use of such services.

The information provided herein may be revised occasionally as AAFI deems appropriate and should be read in conjunction with the AAFI Master Service Agreement.

Network Practices:

Congestion Management

AAFI does not adjust or manage an individual end user’s use of their capacity, but the actual use by an end user may affect their user experience.

The AAFI network as a whole, including its connections to the Internet, is shared among its users and has a set capacity for downstream and upstream communication. While AAFI will not manage an individual end user’s capacity, AAFI may take action to manage the capacity of the entire network or part of the network if an end user’s actions unreasonably impact the ability of others to use the network. For example, AAFI may employ reasonable network management practices to protect against security or denial of service attacks that can negatively affect our network and may cause service degradation. End users can minimize the possibility of these problems by maintaining an up-to-date anti-virus program on their computer and following common sense practices such as avoiding opening unsolicited attachments from unknown parties.

Usage Limits

AAFI reserves the right to manage network usage to ensure that the activities of a small number of customers do not degrade, inhibit, or interfere with the use of our network. The goal is to ensure that all users have reasonable access to the network at all times. AAFI does not currently enforce specific limitations on the amount of Internet data utilized by its customers through data caps or usage-based billing.

Application Specific Behavior

AAFI does not discriminate against or prevent users of its broadband Internet access service from accessing lawful content or services; running lawful applications and services of their choice; or connecting their choice of legal devices, so long as such applications, services and/or devices do not harm the network or the provision of broadband Internet access services, facilitate theft of service, or harm users of the service. Moreover, AAFI does not impair or degrade specific content, applications, services, or non-harmful devices so as to render them effectively unusable, subject to any reasonable network management practices described herein.


AAFI employs certain practices to ensure the security of our customers and our right to protect our network. These include practices intended to protect AAFI servers against Denial of Service attacks and to prevent harmful elements such as viruses and/or spam from propagating through the network. To that end, AAFI may block a limited number of ports that are commonly used to send spam, perpetrate identity theft, or launch attacks on the network.

Performance Characteristics

Service Description

AAFI offers residential and commercial customers a variety of levels of broadband Internet access services with varying speeds and features. The features, pricing, and other commercial terms of our service offerings are modified from time to time. Full descriptions and pricing information for currently available packages are available on the City's website.

Our advertised speeds are estimates that AAFI targets to achieve for its customers. AAFI cannot guarantee that a customer will achieve those speeds at all times. The actual speeds achieved by customers depend on how the speed is measured and may vary based on a number of factors, including but not limited to:

(a)    The performance and capabilities of the customer’s computer;

(b)    The connection between a customer’s computer and other equipment in their network (e.g., wireless devices usually connect at much lower speeds than the fiber);

(c)    The distance a packet of information must travel from the customer’s computer to its final destination on the Internet;

(d)    Congestion or variable performance at a particular website or destination on the Internet; or

(e)    Performance characteristics of transmissions over the Internet that are outside of AAFI control.

There are a number of tools online that customers may utilize to measure Internet performance. One of the available tools is operated by Ookla Inc. and is available at


AAFI offers 4 different plans for broadband Internet access service for residential and business customers with additional options available for enterprise customers. Current pricing and terms are conditions are available on the City's website.

Redress Options

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your service, please contact our customer service representatives at (360) 588-8300 or

Written complaints may be sent via US mail to:

Access Anacortes Fiber Internet
Attn. Municipal Broadband Manager
PO Box 547
Anacortes, WA  98221