Internet Install Equipment

If you’ve been wondering what kind of equipment might be placed in your home or business during an Access - Anacortes Fiber Internet install, here’s a sneak peek. Some of this equipment may be placed at the service address, depending on the property and the service plan selected. For a quick refresher, here are some terms you may want to know in order to understand the equipment’s function and application.

Optical Network Terminal (ONT) - This device is roughly equivalent to a modem (not to be confused with a router) in other Internet network technologies. Its primary function is to transfer your Internet signal from the optical domain to the electrical. At installation, every customer will receive an ONT in order to use our fiber Internet service. NOTE: If you have your own router that you would like to use, you can plug it into our basic ONT without the additional $10 monthly fee of the City Managed Wi-Fi plans.

Router - This provides a Wi-Fi signal to allow your wireless devices to connect to your Internet service and routes the data traffic coming from those devices. NOTE: Many cable and DSL modems have routers integrated into them which can cause the terms to be conflated. We provide an ONT with Wi-Fi integration as part of our City Managed Wi-Fi plans.

Wi-Fi Extender - To cover large areas with Wi-Fi and/or areas that are obstructive to wireless signals, a Wi-Fi Extender will receive the signal from another access point and repeat the signal to strengthen and extend coverage. NOTE: Homes that need Wi-Fi coverage beyond 1,500-2,000 sq ft or in a basement may desire to have an extender. Used in conjunction with of our City Managed Wi-Fi service plans, in homes that require it, we also deploy a Wi-Fi extender for an additional monthly fee.


Nokia ONT - Model: G-010G-A

This is our basic ONT, which will be installed in homes and businesses that desire to use their own equipment such as a switch or router. A fiber optic cable will come all the way into the building and will terminate at this device. The single RJ-45 Ethernet port allows customers to then connect to their equipment to provide a Wi-Fi and/or hard wired Internet connection. See the images below.

Nokia ONT 20191127_095625Nokia ONT G-010G-A Diagram

Image Courtesy of Nokia

Nokia Gateway 3 ONT with Integrated WiFi - Model: G-240W-E

As part of our City Managed Wi-Fi service plans, we deploy this ONT with integrated router technology. Similar to the previous ONT, a fiber optic cable terminates at this device. However, the Gateway 3 has four Ethernet ports, provides Wi-Fi, and is pretty easy on the eyes too. For the tech spec hound, this device has concurrent dual band technology including 3x3 MIMO at 2.54GHz and 4x4 MIMO at 5GHz.

ONT 2 with Extender

Above: Nokia Gateway 3 ONT w/ Integrated Wi-Fi

Image Courtesy of Nokia

Nokia ONT G-240W-E Gateway3 Diagram

Image Courtesy of Nokia

Nokia Beacon 3 Wi-Fi Extender Model: HA-030W-B

Deployed for buildings in need of extensive Wi-Fi coverage in conjunction with our City Managed Wi-Fi service plans, the Beacon 3 Wi-Fi Extender works in mesh systems to produce a strong, expansive signal. An additional monthly charge applies.

ONT 2 with Extender

Above: Nokia Beacon 3 Wi-Fi Extender

Image Courtesy of Nokia

Nokia Extender Beacon 3

Image Courtesy of Nokia

OFS InvisiLight Interior Fiber Optic Cable

Once our exterior fiber cable comes inside the building, we transition to this tiny, bendable cable in order to provide a minimally invasive installation. InvisiLight is applied around corners and into rooms so that the fiber can terminate at the desired location in the home. It is so thin that it is virtually indiscernible by the naked eye from a few feet away. For an InvisiLight installation demonstration video follow this link to Youtube.

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