Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Annual Docket

The Growth Management Act limits amendments to the comprehensive plan to once per year. The process to amend the plan includes two steps: 1) Establishment of the list of amendments (the “docket”) through a legislative review process and 2) Once on the annual review docket, the amendments go through environmental review, Planning Commission review, public hearing, recommendation, and City Council review and adoption.  Requests to amend the comprehensive plan must be submitted to the Planning Department by the last business day in March each year so that they can be considered for inclusion on the annual docket. For more information about legislative action review procedures, please see AMC 19.16 Legislative Actions.

2021 Docket Process

2020/2021 Citizen Proposals for Docket

Proposal TitleDescriptionPetitioner
Promoting neighborhoods & affordable housingAdd 2 new policies to Goal H-1 of the Housing Element related to regulation of short term rentals.Evergreen Islands
Skillings Future Land Use Map AmendmentChange the future land use designation of portions of P33058 & P33059 from Industrial to Residential Medium DensityThomas Skillings
Toward Zero Waste PolicyAdd a new goal and related policies to increase recycling and composting to 65% of the municipal solid waste streamRyan Walters

How to Submit a Petition

Petitions for amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and Development Regulations are accepted until 5:00 PM on the last business day in March to be considered for the year's docket.  Prior consultation with the Planning Department is highly recommended.  Contact Libby Grage, 360-299-1986 or