City Codes & Guiding Plans

Anacortes Municipal Code 

The Anacortes Municipal Code is applicable to all land and land uses within the corporate limits of the City of Anacortes, and the city’s urban growth area, except as pre-empted by law or interlocal agreement. 

Anacortes Comprehensive Plan - effective as of July 2016

The Anacortes Comprehensive Plan looks forward to 2036, provides a vision for the future, identifies goals and policies to achieve that vision, creates a basis for the City’s regulations and guides future decision-making. 

 Shoreline Master Program (SMP) - effective as of September 2010

The Anacortes Shoreline Master Program is a planning document that outlines goals and policies for the use, development, protection, and restoration of shorelines of the City. It is also a regulatory ordinance with regulations for development intended to implement the goals and policies.

Legislative Planning Updates

View completed and proposed plan, policy, and code amendments.  

View additional City Guiding Plans & Documents HERE.