Cap Sante Summit

Marine Stadium Trail

From the summit of Cap Sante, a trail leads down the eastern face. This trail leads to the Marine Stadium which was constructed for the Marineers’ Pageants from 1937 through 1957 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The wooded hike is about a quarter mile to the historic amphitheater, and it provides unparalleled views to the east.

In the midst of the Great Depression, the movers and shakers in Anacortes set on the ambitious task of inventing a city wide water-themed festival called the Marineers' Pageant. Beginning in 1937 the town hosted thousands of tourists who were attracted by parades, events and zany contests. Following the pageant's successful first year, volunteer and Works Progress Administration (WPA) laborers constructed, in 1938, an amphitheater on the east side of Cap Sante, referred to as the Marine Stadium. Benches were structured of rock, and held an audience of hundreds of people gathered to watch water sports, acrobatic skiers and hydroplane races.

-Anacortes Historic Photo Archive

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