Land use applications currently under review with the city for MJB - Fidalgo Landing include: 

1) Long Subdivision - Preliminary Approval.

2) Shoreline Conditional Use Permit; and

3) Shoreline Substantial Development Permit. 

The proposed actions under these three land use applications do not include any proposed buildings or uses on individual lots. Included with the above is an integrated environmental review (SEPA). The city anticipates issuing a Mitigated Determination of Nonsignificance (MDNS) for this proposal. 

The open-record predecision public hearing with the Planning Commission is not yet scheduled. Public notice of the hearing will be provided at lease 15-days prior to the hearing date. This webpage will be updated with hearing information once available.

A separate request has been initiated by the applicant for the vacation of portions of existing public rights-of-way north of the roundabout at 22nd Street and R Avenue where the existing public restrooms and parking lot are located. A notice of hearing will be published for the vacation request upon the passage of the resolution fixing the time for said hearing per the requirements of AMC 12.50. The three above-mentioned land use applications and the noted vacation request require two different processes (quasi-judicial and legislative). Once the resolution is passed by City Council setting the date for the vacation request public hearing, the submittal materials will be uploaded to this page.

Regarding the Shoreline Conditional Use Permit, proposed subdivisions of land in fish and wildlife habitat conservation areas and associated buffers within shoreline jurisdiction are subject to the City's Shoreline Conditional Use Permit process. This Anacortes Shoreline Master Program (SMP) requirement is the reason for the submittal of a Shoreline Conditional Use Permit application.

Please find review documents for these three land use applications here.