Business Licensing

Anacortes Municipal Code requires that every person engaging in business within the city limits of Anacortes register their business with the state and include a City of Anacortes Endorsement. Businesses from outside city limits with a gross annual income of $2,000 in Anacortes are also required to obtain a city endorsement. Non-resident businesses under $2000 in annual sales are not required to have a city endorsement. 

The City of Anacortes participates in a joint licensing program with the State of Washington Department of Revenue (DOR) Business Licensing Service (BLS). This combined licensing system allows business owners to meet the local and state requirements with one transaction. The application and renewals can be done online.

New Applications

New businesses will fill out the Business License Application plus the City addendum.

  • The fastest and easiest way to accomplish this is online. Go to the State of Washington Business Licensing Service. Follow the prompts and you will be directed toward all the forms and information needed to license your business. Payments can be made online with a credit card.
  • Paper forms can also be filed by mail with the Department of Revenue (DOR). The forms can be downloaded from the DOR website. Payment by mail can be made with a check or money order.

***Attention New Short-Term Rental Applicants (AirBnB, VRBO, etc.) - Please see Short-Term Rental Guidelines Here.


Renewals are processed by the Department of Revenue (DOR). You will receive renewal notification from the DOR and you will make your payment to the DOR. DOR will issue a new Business License with Anacortes listed as the local endorsement. The Business License should be displayed at the business location. For many, businesses licenses can be renewed online. Because the BLS uses a common expiration date for all your business licenses, your first renewal may be prorated to coordinate all the expiration dates. After that, the renewal will be the full $40 annually, plus the processing fee. 

Fees  -  2023

A non-refundable Business License Application processing fee is required for each application received in addition to applicable endorsement or trade name fees. See below to determine the processing fee.

Anacortes Endorsement: $40

Variable Business License Fees from the Department of Revenue

Open/reopen a business - $50

If you are opening the first location of a new business/UBI or re-opening a business/UBI that has no active locations.

Add an additional location - $0

If you are adding an additional location to your current business/UBI.

Add a city Non-Resident Business Endorsement to an existing location - $0

If your business is not physically located inside city limits, but you will travel within the city’s limits to conduct business, a city Non-Resident Business endorsement is required ($40).

Any other purpose - $10

If you are filing for any purpose other than those listed above.

Examples: Hiring employees, registering a trade name, adding additional endorsements to an existing location, etc.

Annual Renewal processing fee - $5

Processing fee to renew a location for any number of endorsements in addition to applicable endorsement fees.

All fees are paid to the Washington State Department of Revenue. The fees are detailed on the application forms.

Washington State Department of Revenue Website
Phone: 360-705-6741