Disaster Planning

If a disaster struck today, what would happen to your pet? Your family plan should include your pets too! These are things you can do now to prepare:

  • Take a color picture of your pets and store them in a re-sealable, plastic bag.
  • Set aside a week’s supply of food and water for each pet along with your own emergency supplies. If your pet eats canned food, get the kind with a pull-off lid. Set aside dishes to feed them from and store small animal food in plastic, airtight containers.
  • If your pet requires medication, have a week’s worth stored with the emergency kit. Keep up to date on the medication’s expiration date.
  • If you have a cat or ferret, set aside litter and a litter pan.
  • Be sure your pet is wearing identification NOW. This is the single, most important provision you can make for your pet.
  • Keep a leash and chain/cable tie-out in your emergency kit and car. If walls are not standing and fences are down, containing your pet could be a real problem.
  • Have an animal crate large enough for each pet to comfortably stay in.
  • Keep your vet’s name and number and vaccination records in your pet’s first aid kit.
  • Talk with your neighbors on how to handle emergency arrangements.