Dog Licenses

Requirements & Benefits

All dogs within the city limits of Anacortes over the age of 16 weeks must have a current City of Anacortes dog license (AMC 6.04.020) attached to their collar. All licenses expire December 31st of every year, regardless of when they are purchased. Fees are not pro-rated. If your dog is picked up by the Police Department and is wearing a current city license, the officers will attempt to bring your pet home prior to placing it in the city pound.

Getting a License

Dog licenses can be purchased or renewed online or by mailing in a completed dog license application. You must provide written proof from your veterinarian of a current rabies vaccination, spay/neuter (when applicable) and age (when applicable) to be issued a license. A serially numbered metal license tag will be issued and should be placed securely on your dog's collar.

Licensing Fees

  • Spayed/Neutered dogs: $10 per year
  • Intact dogs under 8 months old OR over 9 years old: $10 per year
  • Intact dogs: $50 per year
  • Replacement tags: $2 each
  • Service dogs: Free (still require yearly renewal)
  • Hobby Kennel: $20 per year (each dog also must be individually licensed, see AMC 6.04.055)