City Attorney

Our Mission

The City Attorney’s mission is to provide the highest quality municipal legal service to the City, its elected and appointed officials, and all city departments, boards and agencies in carrying out the good work they do. We strive to professionally provide accurate, timely, and quality support in accordance with all constitutional and statutory standards. The City Attorney works hard to advance, advocate, and safeguard the interest of the City while promoting behaviors that represent dignity and respect of self and of others. 

How We Serve the City

The City Attorney’s Office serves the citizens of Anacortes by ensuring that the City gets the best legal service possible, including:

  • Providing legal advice and representation to the city council, mayor, boards and commissions, and city staff
  • Representing the city’s interest in legal actions
  • Drafting or approving legal documents, contracts, ordinances (laws), and resolutions for council consideration
  • Prosecuting violations of misdemeanors and infractions in Anacortes Municipal Court
  • Providing risk management support for the City

Legal Advice

The City Attorney’s client is the City of Anacortes. The City Attorney’s Office is prohibited from providing legal advice to citizens. Individuals needing legal assistance should consult with private counsel.