Parks & Recreation

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The Parks and Recreation Department seeks to preserve and enhance the quality of life that our residents enjoy by providing quality recreational facilities and opportunities regardless of age, race, sex, wealth, ability.


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  1. Forest Advisory Board-Change of Date

    Attention! For the month of October, the Forest Advisory Board will meet on the 13th. Please contact the Parks Department with any questions. 360-293-1918 or
  2. Grand View Cemetery Expansion

    The City has finished the Grand View Cemetery Expansion Phase Two project. To purchase a cemetery plot or to get more information on the cemetery you can call Anacortes Parks and Recreation Department at 360-299-1918 or go online to Read on...
  3. Fall Prevention Week

    FALL PREVENTION AWARENESS WEEK Decrease Your Risks of Injury from a Fall- In person at ASAC! Read on...
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