Project Status

2019 Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Projects

The projects listed below are in addition to normal daily operations of running the Wastewater Treatment plant.


E-logger is the electronic logbook software program that was implemented in 2019.  This program replaces all paper form for daily plant and incinerator checks.  It also replaced the daily logbooks and has a fully searchable, electronic solution to better communication between staff.  This program is compatible and can be reviewed from multiple devises.

Incinerator Shutdown

Each year there is an Incinerator shutdown so that maintenance and repairs can be made to the incinerator.  This year maintenance and repair was made to the preheat burner, refractory, and the pucker ring was replaced.

Network Server

The Wastewater Treatment Plant servers were moved to the Mechanical room and placed on a rack with an air conditioning unit.  The SCADA servers, firewall and UPS were moved to the new location.  This relocation was a team effort between contractors, other city departments and the WWTP staff.

A big thank you for Odi Flores for tracing the conduit runs for fiber to each building; Jordan Davis and Mark Gatto for installation of the conduit to complete runs for the fiber installation crew.  Also Harry Whyte and Steve Doebler with their coordination efforts with QCC, the City’s IT department, the City Fiber crew, and plant staff.  

Scrubber Platform

A new platform was engineered, fabricated and installed by Superior Systems to tie two platforms together for better access to the Mercury Modules on the incinerator scrubber.

Tsunami Siren Installation 

The City of Anacortes has two Tsunami sirens, one located in Skyline and the newest installation at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The siren was installed in late 2019 with the electrical connection completed in January 2020.  The first siren test is scheduled to occur on February 3, 2020.