Why is Fiber better? What's the big deal?

Fiber optic data transmission lines have been around for decades. Made of glass and as thin as a human hair, fiber optics can transmit much more data in much longer distances than conventional data transmission lines consisting of copper or other, electricity-based lines. Long distance fiber optic data transmission lines have revolutionized telephone and computer networks worldwide; however, their high cost has prevented them from being deployed directly into homes -- until now. The City of Anacortes' Access Fiber department extends the fiber optic network directly to customer homes and businesses.

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1. Why is Fiber better? What's the big deal?
2. What about modems?
3. I have the City Managed WiFi router, how can I log into the router and change settings?
4. Why are speed tests over WiFi less reliable?
5. At times, the speed I am getting seems slow, how can I test the connection speed?
6. I have a large home and my WiFi is weak in some areas, how can I improve that situation?
7. Do you limit or filter the websites I may visit?
8. Do you cap or limit my data usage?
9. I just purchased a new router. Will the city come out and set it up for me?
10. Won’t 5G make Fiber Optic Internet obsolete?
11. There is a storm/power outage, and my internet is flickering in and out. What should I do?