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Anacortes Community Forest Lands


  1. Forested Hills
  2. Lakes
  3. Meadows
  4. Streams
  5. Trails
  6. Wetlands

Forest Lands

Anacortes Community Forest Lands The City of Anacortes owns 2,950 acres of forest lands called the Anacortes Community Forestlands (ACFL) in several large tracts. The forest lands are within the city limits and include forested hills, lakes, streams, wetlands and meadows. Twenty miles of trails provide public access to the forest lands.

Forest Management

Full-time staff is employed by the Parks and Recreation Department to oversee maintenance, management and stewardship in the forest lands. There is a Forest Lands Management Plan that covers management units, use zones and critical habitat areas. A five member advisory board oversees the implementation of the management plan and develops policies.


There are nine loop trails designed for horses, motorcycles, bikes and hikers. Some areas are restricted to specific user groups. An advisory board representing various user groups has developed trail and user group policy and has suggested trail etiquette to encourage responsible use of the park. The terrain varies and trail side viewpoints provide territorial views. An endowment fund has been set up to help fund the forest lands. Trail maps are available at various businesses around town.