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Anacortes Storm Drainage Basin Prioritization Survey

  1. Basin Prioritization Survey

    The City of Anacortes Stormwater Management Program works to improve water quality in our local waterways. Stormwater is the leading cause of water pollution in the Salish Sea. Rain washes what it touches (trash, fertilizers, dirt, etc.) into the storm drainage system and out to the Salish Sea. We are working to identify the drainage basin that will receive the maximum benefit from focused stormwater efforts. These efforts may include activities such as retrofit projects, targeted education and outreach, identification of land management strategies to protect water quality, and enhanced illicit discharge screening. Once our priority basin has been selected, the City will create a Stormwater Management Action Plan to identify projects and strategies that can accommodate future growth while protecting water quality. We want your input to help with the prioritization process.

    Thank you for your participation!

  2. Question 1: Do you think stormwater is a problem?
  3. Question 2: Which factors do you think are most important to consider when selecting a high priority drainage basin? Please select up to three.
  4. Question 3: Which of the following land types do you think are most important to focus on for the stormwater program?
  5. For additional information, questions, or comments, please contact Diane Hennebert, Stormwater Program Manager, at

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