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Police Records Request

  1. Pursuant to RCW 42.56, Washington State Public Disclosure Act, I hereby request to review a record maintained by the Anacortes Police Department and do assert my identity to be:
  2. How would you like to receive your records?
  3. Requested
  4. Include other information; other names in the report; briefly describe the information to be disclosed by the Anacortes Police Department.
  5. Costs:
    There is no charge to "inspect" public records but inspections are by appointment only. Pursuant to RCW 42.56.520, within five business days of receiving a public record request, an agency must respond by either (1) providing the record; (2) acknowledging that the agency has received the request and providing a reasonable estimate of the time the agency will require to respond to the request; or (3) denying the public record request. Denials of requests must be accompanied by a written statement of the specific reasons or or exemptions.
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