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Property Check Form

  1. I understand that by completing this form I am agreeing to allow officers of the Anacortes PD, as well as members of the Citizens Auxiliary Patrol, to perform physical checks on the property that I have listed. I understand that these checks may include checking windows and doors to make certain they are secured and may include walking around any structures that are on the property. I understand that property checks will not be done in inaccessible areas beyond fences or gates. I also understand that neither the City of Anacortes nor the Citizens Auxiliary Patrol assume any liability for the listed property. This form does not imply that any property checks will be performed.
    Property Checks will be performed for a maximum of 150 days and not on homes that are for sale.
  2. The following vehicles will be left on the property while I am away
    Provide make, model, and license plate number
  3. A spare key will be left with
  4. Is your property alarmed?
  5. Will any lights be on?
  6. Address is posted on
  7. Upon return to Anacortes, please remember to call 360-293-4684 and let us know you have returned.
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