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1. Are the storm drain and sewer drain the same thing?
2. Can I dump biodegradable products into the storm drain?
3. Can I flush cleaning rags like Clorox and Pledge down the toilet?
4. If I have a plugged sewer can the City help me?
5. Does the wastewater treatment plant smell bad?
6. What is the capacity of the Wastewater Treatment Plant?
7. When will the wastewater treatment plant need to be upgraded?
8. Where can I dump my travel trailer waste?
9. Where does the water go after it is treated at the wastewater plant?
10. Where do the solids from the wastewater plant go?
11. Where is the fresh water spigot located at the Wastewater Treatment Plant
12. Why is our sewer bill connected to our water use?
13. Why is the RV dump station not open 24 hours per day?
14. Does the wastewater treatment plant accept septic tank waste?